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No Artist - The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 mp3 album

  • Performer: No Artist
  • Title: The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1
  • Genre: Audiobooks
  • Country: Sweden
  • Released: 1969
  • Style: Field Recording
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  • Rating: 4.7/5
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No Artist - The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 mp3 album

Painting, Liner Notes – Roger Tory Peterson. Photography By – Arne Schmitz. Released with two inserts. On the inner sleeve a list of the Swedish equivalents of the birdnames is on display. Other Versions (1 of 1) View All. Cat.

Each CD contains 99 species indexed by track number only and not announced. Series: Bird Songs and Calls of Britain and Europe. By: Jean-Claude Roché(Author). 4 discs, runtime: 5 h. Manufacturer: WildSounds. 1. 1 inc VAT. Current promotions. Bestsellers in Bird Sounds & Videos. The Sound Approach to Birding. DVD Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe (All Regions). 9 inc VAT. More Info. Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Eastern North America.

The album, along with To Bird with Love and To Diz with Love, represent the last recordings made by the legendary trumpeter before his death in 1993.

Large swimming, ground-nesting birds of taiga and tundra waters, spending most of year in coastal seas. Peterson Field Guides.

The Peterson Field Guide To RFLP 5006 No Artist The Bird Songs Of Britain And. Europe: Record 6 (LP, RE). Label.

Alstrom, P. Colston, I. LewingtonFor bird enthusiasts of Europe. The complete record of uncommon birds, from frequent vagrants to the most exciting rarities. Stores ▾. Audible Barnes & Noble Walmart eBooks Apple Books Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Indigo Better World Books IndieBound.

great ornithologist, great conservationist, great artist. This book was everything I expected, and it's nice to know that the publishers took the trouble to update some of the late Mr. Peterson's information. I live in the Midwest and am a rank amateur as far as bird watching is concerned. Luckily, Chicago is on a flyway, and a lot of migrants funnel down to our lakeshore during fall migration. We also have great variety in habitat. So having a book that gives a thorough treatment of all species I will see in the vicinity is great. I am well aware that I hold in my hands a national treasure, the product of a life well-lived, the "Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America. Its vinyl cover, its glossy pages filled with portraits of birds, not ordinary birds, but perfect birds, simply makes one catch her breath in awe.

The Peterson Field Guides (PFG) are a popular and influential series of American field guides intended to assist the layman in identification of birds, plants, insects and other natural phenomena. His inaugural volume was the classic 1934 book A Field Guide to the Birds, published (as were all subsequent volumes) by the Houghton Mifflin Company.


Gavia Stellata To Icobrychus Minutus
Gavia Stellata - Red-Throated Diver
A1a The ''Kwuck-Kwuck-Kwuck'' Note 0:14
A1b Distant Moans Of A Female 0:31
A1c Hoarse Rhythmic Display Cries 0:34
Gavia Arctica - Black-Throated Diver
A2a Contact Call 0:09
A2b Deep Barking (Or Snoring) 0:34
A2c Shrill Rising Wails 0:17
A2d Extended For Of Contact Call 0:08
Gavia Immer - Great Northern Diver
A3 Long Wailing Cries 1:00
Gavia Adamsii - White-Billed Diver
A4a Calls On Water 0:18
A4b Flight Calls 0:15
Podiceps Ruficollis - Little Grebe
A5a Birds In Pre-Copulation Display 0:32
A5b The Loud High Whinnying Trill 0:21
A5c The Soft, Rather Whistling ''Whit-Whit''
Podiceps Nigricollis - Black-Necked Grebe
A6a Harsh Rasping Cries 0:36
A6b Calls From Small Group 0:26
Podiceps Auritus - Slavonian Grebe
A7a Territorial Calls 0:27
A7b The Long, Low Squealing Trill 0:13
Podiceps Griseigena - Red-Necked Grebe
A8a Long Wailing Neighing ''Song'' 0:33
Podiceps Cristatus - Great Crested Grebe
A9a Head-Shaking ''Ticking'' Calls 0:14
A9b Threat Call ''Crowing'' 0:10
A9c Advertising Call 0:12
A9d Threat Call ''Barking'' 0:14
A9e Slightly Different ''Crowing'' 0:10
Fulmaris Glacialis - Fulmar
A10 The Hoarse Cackling 0:44
Procellaria Diomedea - Cory's Shearwater
A11 Long Nasal Wailing Note 1:00
Puffinus Gravis - Great Shearwater
A12a Calls Of Male And Female 0:23
A12b Angry Calls Of Adult 0:20
Puffinus Griseus - Sooty Shearwater
A13 Calls On Breeding Ground 0:28
Puffinus Puffinus - Manx Shearwater
A14 Wild Crowing Notes 0:33
Hydrobates Pelagicus - Storm Petrel
A15 Sustained Rhythmical Rising And Falling 0:34
Oceanites Oceanicus - Wilson's Petrel
A16a Calls From Adult In Nest Burrow 0:20
A16b Nestling Calling 0:12
A16c Adults And Young Nestling Begging 0:34
Oceanodroma Leucorrhoa - Leach's Petrel
A17 The Rhythmic Purring Phrases 0:52
Pelecanus Onocrotalus - White Pelican
A18 Away From Breeding Colonies A Very Silent Bird 0:50
Pelecanus Crispus - Dalmatian Pelican
A19 A Short, Repeated Rasping Bark 0:42
Sula Bassana - Gannet
A20 Chorus Of Barking ''Arrah'' Calls 0:51
Phalacrocorax Carbo - Cormorant
A21a Vocalisations During Display 0:51
A21b The Usual Low Guttural ''R-Rah'' 0:26
Phalacrocorax Aristotelis - Shag
A22 On Nest, Grunting And Croaking Notes 0:37
Phalacrocorax Pygmaeus - Pygmy Cormorant
A23 Calls Recorded In Nestling Colony 0:37
Botaurus Stellaris - Bittern
A24a Song: Two Or Three Quiet Grunting Notes 1:07
A24b A Goose-Like Call 0:11
Botaurus Lentiginosus - American Bittern
A25 The ''Pumping'' Of Spring Song 1:15
Ixobrychus Minutus - Little Bittern
A26 The ''Song'' Is A Deep (Rather Inanimate) Thump 0:37
Nycticorax Nycticorax To Cygnus Bewickii
Nycticorax Nycticorax - Night Heron
B1 Short, Repetitive ''Kek, Kek, Kek'' Cries 0:34
Ardeola Ralloides - Squacco Heron
B2a The Harsh, Crow-Like ''Karr'' Call 0:12
B2b Sounds In Colony 0:40
Bubulcus Ibis - Cattle Egret
B3a Croaking Calls In Colony 0:30
B3b Colony With Croaking And Bubbling Adults 0:32
Egretta Alba - Great White Egret
B4a Adults Using Croaking Notes 0:25
B4b Pulli In Nest 0:19
Egretta Garzetta - Little Egret
B5 Colony 1:03
Ardea Cinerea - Grey Heron
B6a The Deep, Harsh ''Frarnk'' Calls And Variants 0:18
B6b Colony With Begging Cries 0:55
B6c ''Frarnk'' Calls Again 0:03
Ardea Purpurea - Purple Heron
B7 Calls In Colony ''Rrank'' And Variants 0:44
Ciconia Ciconia - White Stork
B8a A Few Hoarse Vocal Notes 0:09
B8b Another Example Of Bill-Clappering 0:15
B8c Nestlings Being Fed 0:34
Ciconia Nigra - Black Stork
B9a Bill-Clappering And Moaning Cries 0:39
B9b ''Saw-Sharpening'' Note 0:08
Platalea Leucorodia - Spoonbill
B10a The Single Occasional Nasal Or Grunting Sounds 0:31
B10b Grunting Calls Of Adults 0:25
Plegadis Falcinellus - Glossy Ibis
B11 Calls In Nesting Colony 0:46
Phoenicopterus Ruber - Greater Flamingo
B12a Calls Of Flock 0:59
B12b Calls In Close-Up From Captive Birds 0:56
Branta Canadensis - Canada Goose
B13a The Resonant ''Aa-Houk'' Flight Note 0:30
B13b Calls From Flock 0:43
Branta Leucopsis - Barnacle Goose
B14 Short Barking ''Gnuk'' Flight-Calls 0:54
Branta Bernicla - Brent Goose
B15 The Throaty ''Rrouk'' Or ''Rruk'' Calls 0:38
Branta Ruficollis - Red-Breasted Goose
B16 The Shrill, Staccato ''Kee-Kwa'' Notes 0:37
Anser Anser - Grey Lag Goose
B17a Calls From Flock On Ground 1:15
B17b Take-Off For Feeding Grounds 0:06
B17c ''Ky-Ack'' Calls From A Passing Flock 0:21
Anser Albifrons - White-Fronted Goose
B18 The Flock Is Settled On The Water 1:08
Abser Erythropus - Lesser White-Fronted Goose
B19 Calls On Ground 0:37
Anser Fabalis - Bean Goose
B20 The Rich Nasal Trumpeting ''Ung-Unk'' 0:57
Anser Brachyrynchus - Pink-Footed Goose
B21 Calls From Adults On Breeding Ground 0:46
Anser Caerulescens - Snow Goose
B22a High-Pitched ''Kow'' Or ''Whouk'' Cries 0:28
B22b The Deep ''Ka-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah'' Alarm Call 0:11
Cygnus Olor - Mute Swan
B23a Snoring And Whistling Notes 0:30
B23b Bird Takes Off And Flies By 0:18
B23c Cheeping Of Cygnets And Hissing Of Cob 0:32
Cygnus Cygnus - Whooper Swan
B24a Half-A-Dozen Birds In Flight 0:55
B24b A Large Flock Of Singing Whooper Swans 0:42
Cygnus Bewickii - Bewick's Swan
B25a A Quite, Musical Babble 0:36
B25b Conversational Calls And Flock Display 0:30

Companies, etc.

  • Copyright (c) – Sveriges Radio
  • Printed By – SIB-Tryck AB


  • Engineer – Bengt Nyqvist
  • Narrator, Liner Notes – Jeffery Boswall
  • Painting, Liner Notes – Roger Tory Peterson
  • Photography By – Arne Schmitz
  • Recorded By, Edited By, Arranged By, Engineer, Liner Notes – Sture Palmér
  • Typography, Layout – Lasse H. Halldin


Released with two inserts.
On the inner sleeve a list of the Swedish equivalents of the birdnames is on display.

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
RFLP 5001 No Artist The Peterson Field Guide To The Bird Songs Of Britain And Europe: Record 1 ‎(LP, RE) Ornis, SR Records RFLP 5001 Sweden Unknown

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