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Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind mp3 album

  • Performer: Various
  • Title: The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind
  • Genre: Electronic / Hip-hop / Rock / Funk / Audiobooks / Classical
  • Formats: AHX DXD AU MP3 AA VOX MP2
  • Released: 2015
  • Style: Noise, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, Grindcore, Death Metal, Political, Spoken Word, Parody, Field Recording, Ambient, Comedy, Dubstep, Experimental, Freestyle, Instrumental, Rock & Roll, Acoustic, Avantgarde, Abstract, Dark Ambient, Drone, Garage Rock, Industrial, Techno, Sound Collage, Psychedelic Rock, Musique Concrète, Lo-Fi
  • MP3 album: 1154 mb
  • FLAC album: 1653 mb
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 453
Various - The Second Album: The First Of Its Kind mp3 album

The lathe-cut is a limited run of 25. This album was a collaborative effort between a number of artists, including wonderful contributors from /mu/ and from reddit. It's a mix of noise, memes, funny soundclips, and other nonsense, all one second each. There are 419 songs in total, and the lathe-cut has an extra bonus track on Side B (it's not one second. Crn Vrv records is an indie label based out of Utah (y'know, the one kinda shaped like a hat) that focuses on releasing obscure music/noise onto outdated formats with limited releases.

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Coup d'Etat (stylized as COUP D'ETAT) is the second studio album by South Korean rapper G-Dragon, member and leader of the K-pop group Big Bang. The first five tracks of the album were released on September 2, 2013, the next seven tracks were released on September 5, and physical copies were released on September 13. The album contains the single "MichiGO" which was released earlier in 2013.

The album was Pop's sixth studio record and saw him combining Afrobeat influences, droning electronics, and free-association. The album was originally produced by Chris Stein of Blondie and released on Animal Records. Since then, the bizarre and compelling album has only been reissued twice. In 1991 it was remastered and expanded with an alternate version of "Pain and Suffering". 1961, on the other hand, has receded as a kind of footnote in his musical history despite two strong albums: the orchestral jazz fusion Focus, with arranger Eddie Sauter (late of The Sauter-Finnegan Orchestra and later an in-demand orchestrator of such Broadway musicals as 1776), Continue Reading.

Album · 2010 · 5 Songs. Talk to Me (Music from the Motion Picture). The Kids Are All Right (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

The first half of the album is actually a struggle to find whether there is such a thing as a relationship. The second focuses more on the aftermath, with the ballad duet Into The Night and the morose and sinister Dark Skies, the only track without Alana’s vocals – or if the vocals are hers, they’re vocoded, voxed and manipulated to the point that it sounds like a bad acid trip. The album ends on a somber note as Watson woefully sings through Wasted. It acts as the perfect conclusion or epilogue to a long story, and the weight behind Watson’s voice is palpable. In an interview with Rolling Stone, a rare occurrence in its own right, Joe Ray said, We wanted to write an album that pushed past genre boundaries - we just started with the aim of being completely free about the kind of tracks that would make up the collection. As we did that, the scope widened.

As such, it offends some historical purists, who don't think of it as a real album. Regardless of its origins, however, The Beatles' Second Album stands as probably best pure rock & roll album ever issued of the group's music.

First of all, it should be a happy moment. Not a moment filled with fear and disorganization. While the actual release of your album IS a big deal, knowing how to release an album right isn’t that toug. s long as you get a few key things in place, releasing will be as joyous as laying down that first chord-the way it should be! But knowing where to start, what you need and how to get it, isn’t always the easiest task to pull off. Especially when you wanna build the perfect release for smart digital music distribution-the most important way to get heard for today’s musician


A1 The Chicago Sunroofs Yeay 0:01
A2 Confidence Interval Un Seconde Chanson 0:01
A3 Special Guest Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reader's Digest 0:01
A4 Welcome To Compuserve Jinkies 0:01
A5 Caboose Caboose 1 Seocnd Song Sagain 0:01
A6 Funny Muffler The Secret Life Of Bees, As Told By Seinfeld 0:01
A7 Something I'm Passionate About Gimme Summa Dat 0:01
A8 Someone Take Me Dollar Gen Sanjay And Craig 0:01
A9 The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus How Do You 0:01
A10 Illiterately Hitler Home-Grown Tomatoes 0:01
A11 Shoplifting From NASA Track 56 0:01
A12 The Who Is A Band But That's Not Me Alfalfa Sproutz 0:01
A13 Linking, The Sapient Dream In The End, My Master, You Are My Master 0:01
A14 Internet Entrepreneur FUN FUN 0:01
A15 Peach Time My Name Is 0:01
A16 Sext Via Scantron My Friends Are Scott, Glenn, And Rob (You Don't Know Them) 0:01
A17 The Unemployment Plane Sprouts (Market Specific) 0:01
A18 BUTTSKANK* Honey Bunches Of Oats 0:01
A19 Instant Water (Just Add Water) What The Fuck Is Cor Anglais 0:01
A20 Dr. Awemsoeme Feel My Moist Spatula 0:01
A21 The Fuck Mosquitos Dancing Jesus 0:01
A22 My Sinuses Are All Gunked Up Let's See How We Deal With This Little Baby Who Thinks He's Good 0:01
A23 Squid Rapes Mouse Time Is Elastic Anyway 0:01
A24 I Won't Be Happy Until Everything Is Legalized Parking Lot Sex 0:01
A25 Cool Dude With Neat Hat Blvrd F Brkn Drms 0:01
A26 Red Wooden Box sp00py warzz 0:01
A27 Testicular Sound Express 2 Electric Bugaloo The Control Room 0:01
A28 Bathroom 47 The Secrets Upon My Chest 0:01
A29 My Girlfriend's Wifi Password Is Q8X7BBGTZ6KYMVZR Brace Yourself 0:01
A30 The Infamous Ball And Rod Experiment List Of Birds Of Ontario 0:01
A31 Gorgonzola Steve And The Innuendoes Ayyyy 0:01
A32 The No Parking Zones Ridiculous Font 0:01
A33 Wooden Esophagus Fourthmeal Is After Thirdmeal Is After Secondmeal Is After Firstmeal Is After Zerothmeal Is After Negativeonethmeal 0:01
A34 The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Timely Issue 0:01
A35 Get That Stapler Boost Mobile 0:01
A36 Morbid By Moonlight 10% 0:01
A37 The Sunburnt Tourist Arizona Sweet Teat 0:01
A38 ff Brakhage 0:01
A39 Long John Silver's Butthole Case In Point 0:01
A40 What Is Semana Santa? Bass (Bass Boosted) 0:01
A41 Tiny Wheel Girl You Make Me Wanna 0:01
A42 Scalding House, The Chicxulub 0:01
A43 Jenny Bonanza And The Fireworks Manager On Duty 0:01
A44 Sky Blue Children Soup 0:01
A45 P Here 0:01
A46 Conkers My Mommy Was Raised In An Era When 0:01
A47 Fingers McGee There's A Reason They Call Me Fingers McGee 0:01
A48 Delicious Polio 18-Year Old Teen Plays With Old Scat 0:01
A49 Sanchez The Holy 1 0:01
A50 Squid Rapes Mouse One Second To Get Fucked Up 0:01
A51 Delicious Polio Old Man Enjoys Scat 0:01
A52 Seven Dollar Blowjob The Perfect 0:01
A53 Hyperdensity Vorsokratiker 0:01
A54 Mustache McGee And His Musicians Three 15 items 0:01
A55 Mustache McGee And His Musicians Three or fewer 0:01
A56 Dr. Eigenvalue And The Wave Functions Angie's List of Rivers by Length 0:01
A57 Porson Sayent Enpoopisto Cheek Chonk Captain Chunk 0:01
A58 Mud Clock & Ranch Soda Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life 0:01
A59 Snack Wrap != McWrap The Rap Alphabet 0:01
A60 Gone With The Windex Green Bean Casserole 0:01
A61 Summer Ass Cocked Leg on Rightmost Horse 0:01
A62 Easy Bake Meth Lab Oh When The Saints Go Marching In 0:01
A63 Jawslack Fallthrough 0:01
A64 When In Doubt, Get Manager Donneh Says 0:01
A65 How Convenient Joshua 0:01
A66 And Carl As Himself Bumpin' 0:01
A67 AC Stands For Air Conditioning Weingarten Rights 0:01
A68 September 21st March 18th 0:01
A69 Forge The Gay Technology Agreement Anyway 0:01
A70 The Hash-Slinging Slashers Congratulations 0:01
A71 136 To Dandy Trail The Sound Of A Text Document Containing The Word Dick Repeated 25000 Times 0:01
A72 On The 17th Page Of Google Results .mp3 0:01
A73 Banana 8 Fuck The President And The Government And The Republicans (I Miss My Dog) 0:01
A74 The All-New Nissan Pathfinder With 0.9% APR Financing Tom Kenny x Tyler The Creator - Habba Babba (All You Need is Love) 0:01
A75 Demisexual Pete And The Anus Plunderers Aunt Jemima's Syrupy Cunt 0:01
A76 Massive Insanity Eric Is Gay 0:01
A77 Okay Google Blue Waffle B-i-c-t-h 0:01
A78 Get On My Lawn The Blue Lemon 0:01
A79 Wednesday Turner Anti-Irish Sentiment (From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia) 0:01
A80 Toshibe Pills 0:01
A81 Hyxtbljs Weeddadweed 0:01
A82 ; _ 0:01
A83 Ischi Vezon The Depression Is Killing Me 0:01
A84 Ischi Vezon We're All Going To Do Someday :((((( 0:01
A85 An Immature Emotion Mcdon 0:01
A86 Opposite Over Hypotenuse Baws 0:01
A87 Garbage Mask Untitled 0:01
A88 Garbage Mask Untitled 0:01
A89 Garbage Mask Untitled 0:01
A90 Garbage Mask Untitled 0:01
A91 I Don't Mean This In A Gay Way, But... Zrillerx 0:01
A92 Heisenbirb When I Nut 0:01
A93 You Do NOT Want Tinnitus Ireland Was Neutral During World War II 0:01
A94 Funny Skit Meme Birth 0:01
A95 Tree Fibet Speta Moonerism 0:01
A96 Too Sparkly For My Own Good The Free Digital Download You Gave Me With The Purchase Of Your LP Is In 128 kb/s And That Makes Me Sad 0:01
A97 Corn Nuggets Dangling Meat 0:01
A98 Ass Fries When Asked About The Length Of This Track In Seconds, R Kelly Replied 0:01
A99 Alt-0173* Trappy Birthday 0:01
A100 MC Section Not Illegal In Turkey 0:01
A101 Dade Is My Name RIP In Peace My Dad His Name wAs Dade Dadson 0:01
A102 Dole Fruit Company BUY SOME APPLES 0:01
A103 Universal Media Disc Planck's Constant 0:01
A104 Red D Everything Hurts 0:01
A105 Hydrogen Summer - No Data A Little Acoustic Ditty 0:01
A106 2Avant4You Only A Wahwah 0:01
A107 DJ Chezey My N---- [Clean] 0:01
A108 Carriy Chicka-Choo 0:01
A109 Johnny Applesemen Ball Is Life 0:01
A110 Fried Passion Awareness An Anus in Paris 0:01
A111 My Brain Is Empty And Dull Nicholas 0:01
A112 Baby Shots Girls 0:01
A113 Bread Flag Follow Urine Stinks 0:01
A114 Bread Flag When You're In Urine 0:01
A115 Good Morning Lover i love u tumblr 0:01
A116 Squid Rapes Mouse No-Bit Graphics 0:01
A117 Inner Peace Is Overrated The Fear, Anxiety, And All My Years Of Battle, Thrown Away Because Of My Inner Fears 0:01
A118 Redurple Idea Tinfoil Shielding 0:01
A119 Take Your Medicine Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets 0:01
A120 Obama's Mouth Olo War On Drugs 0:01
A121 Scranton Scranton Dammit The Lemon Stealing Whore 0:01
A122 SCREAMING FOR FIVE HOURS Sonata Du Fromaggio 0:01
A123 Melvin's Baby Is Deformed Mandatory Instruction 0:01
A124 Strawberry CLAMS Tina 0:01
A125 Minnashine Visitant 0:01
A126 Eat The Poop G 0:01
A127 Squid Rapes Mouse A Little Drum 0:01
A128 Limited International Indemnity AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included) 0:01
A129 $500 Sweepstakes Four Point Three 0:01
A130 R.C. Christian Voyeurism 0:01
A131 1B2 BFP Bon Rurgandy 0:01
A132 1B2 BFP Por Qua 0:01
A133 Infinite Video Universe Uncharged Dairy Lodging 0:01
A134 Mr. Robot Evil Corp 0:01
A135 Jean Baptiste I Made This With A Toysmith Brand Voice Changer (TM) And My Desk 0:01
A136 Something Kind Of Like Cheap Trick World Wide 0:01
A137 Ryan Maxwell is 5'10'' The Truth 0:01
A138 Confidence Interval Apollo—God Of Music 0:01
A139 Partial Refund Beats Me 0:01
A140 DJ SPACEDICKS Jim Has The Best Barbecues In The Entire Cantred 0:01
A141 Bony Tennett I Left My Dick In San Francisco 0:01
A142 PG PPPPPPPPPPPpppP betta watcch out 0:01
A143 Symmetrical Buttcheeks Garfield The Tale of Two Titties 0:01
A145 Squid Rapes Mouse From Nothing 0:01
A146 Are You Smiling Yet? The Slumping Grounds (Or How I Learned To Whisper "Fuck It" To Myself Yet Still Fatally Care) 0:01
A147 Are You Smiling Yet? FUcking Explicit (The FU being caps was necessary and this text in parenthesis is part of the title) 0:01
A148 Carl And His Band, Who Are All Also Named Carl Myth 0:01
A149 MC469* 同性愛ポルノではありません 0:01
A150 Incest Isn't That Weird Incest Isn't That Weird 0:01
A151 Your Local Vacuum Store Ha Diggity 0:01
A152 A Low Budget Porno Starring Bill Faggerbakke The Sound of Your Face (Radio Edit) 0:01
A153 I Don't Actually Have An Alias So Just Call Me John Wut 0:01
A154 An Enthusiastic Trombone Skechers 0:01
A155 Please, Cheese Strap-on Chris Pratt 0:01
A156 Eugene Krebs 55 Gallons 0:01
A157 Swagopolis, Swagissippi Estrogenetics 0:01
A158 I Like To Go To The Mart I'm Bad 0:01
A159 Jared Fogle And The Fondlers Famous Last Words 0:01
A160 Squid Rapes Mouse Six Hundred Million Billion BPM 10PM Til 6AM 0:01
A161 Slip N Slide Competition My Mom 0:01
A162 Lemon PJs what 0:01
A163 Twice The Size Of Texas Protestors 0:01
A164 Meryl Streep (Not Affiliated with Meryl Streep) Travel Tips 0:01
A165 Liar Ceyt 0:01
A166 qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and sometimes y HEY ffffffffuck YOUUUUU 0:01
A167 Phase Four, Her Pants New Jersey Chamber Of Commerce 0:01
A168 Into The (James) Woods Statistically Speaking 0:01
A169 How's Your Meat? Paul Blart 2 0:01
A170 Alt-0173* Chicken Tendies For The Soul 0:01
A171 Confidence Interval So Much Inspiration Can Happen In 1 Second 0:01
A172 We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar 21 Guns 0:01
A173 Expired Milk In The Final Episode Of Breaking Bad, Walter White Is Played By Bryan Cranston 0:01
A174 Universal Product Code The Cheek Is Chonk 0:01
A175 Eat A Dick Quebec, Nobody Loves You Jillen 0:01
A176 Vodka In My Water Bottle The Dankest 0:01
A177 Egg The Return Of The Original Dogman 0:01
A178 Why Do Q And Queue Sound The Same? Injecting Heroin In My Toe Webbins 0:01
A179 Negative Zone Jim O'Rourke Boo Fucking Hoo 0:01
A180 The Blue Line BLUHAHE 0:01
A181 Lucky Oddy Dick 0:01
A182 It Took Four Showers Haikus About Your Dad 0:01
A183 Ragk Who else? 0:01
A184 Ragk Alright Go! 0:01
A185 Marley And I Thanks Bryan 0:01
A186 Extra Gay Pizza Independent 0:01
A187 Extra Gay Pizza Bip Nip The Science Dip 0:01
A188 Dansh McJagger No You Idiot The Hills Are Not Alive They're Just Hills 0:01
A189 Disis Disis Goh 0:01
A190 The Only Total Nude Strip Club In The City That Serves Alcohol Sweet Child O Mine (Cover) 0:01
A191 The Secret Shoppers Boop 0:01
A192 A Call Parked On 103 All Caps 0:01
A193 The Running Pallets Logistics 0:01
A194 Buxley Minister Metaphysical Swag (Excerpt) 0:01
A195 My Brother Died On This Day In 1994 Tribute To The Crn Vrv 0:01
A196 Off-Color Boobs Kar's Gluten Free Sweet 'n Salty Mix 0:01
A197 Getting Stabbed By Attractive People Nothing Personal 0:01
A198 Alexander Pope Disapproves Of The New Blockaders No No 0:01
A199 The Great Gormy All Those Dead Girls 0:01
A200 Fuck The Kunnskapsdepartementet Smemes 0:01
A201 Virgin Year-Old Forty Poop Sauce 0:01
A202 Das Wedd Treancer Oonkarr 0:01
A203 Squid Rapes Mouse TP-101 0:01
A204 Mein Kampf Es Su Kampf 319 0:01
A205 The Oldest Person With Progeria That One Faithful Day 0:01
A206 Kosovo Is A Real Country This Song Is The Best Song Not Like Any Other Song You've Heard Before 0:01
A207 Daewoo Flatts field2recordings2of2climbing2mount2norikura 0:01
A208 Horse Proximity Cheese Balls And Tropicana Twister Tropical Punch 0:01
A209 That Girl You Bullied In Elementary School For No Reason Profit MArgarine 0:01
A210 Static Fog Kobaryo Is An Excellent Speedcore Producer 0:01
A212 Two Oprahs In Every Garage Fun In The Son 0:01
A213 Horse Proximity Papa John's Large 3-Topping Pizza And 12 oz Mountain Dew 0:01
A214 Frank And Mike's One-Stop Glove Shop Hello World 0:01
A215 Unlike Porn, Real Sex Isn't Free 1 Airhorn Can Be Heard In The Distance 0:01
A216 BUTTSKANK* Buttskank Discography (0 seeders) 0:01
A217 An Unreadable Number Of Ducks And This Is Simba 0:01
A218 A Glug Of Vanilla Hot Tub Time Machine 2 0:01
A219 Free Hugs He's Innocent Meme Catalog 0:01
A220 Hugs is Guilty Catalog Of Memes 0:01
A221 Super Late-Term Abortion I Wrote Cocks In The Piano Roll 0:01
A222 Existence Cemetery No, don't! 0:01
A223 Existence Cemetery Startup Counter 0:01
A224 Imasgrohn His Truth 0:01
A225 Dr. Awemsoeme 1 Second Of Giddiness 0:01
A226 On My Own Accord aaaaa 0:01
A227 Spruce Noose This Song Was Literally Recorded In 1857 0:01
A228 The Dreaming Corpse Industrial-Automation 0:01
A229 Your Father Has An Extremely Active Sex Life Maracas Full Of Baby Teeth 0:01
A230 Brandy And Mr. Whiskers R34 I Was Reading The Mattress Tag And I Fell Asleep 0:01
A231 Dude I Have Spider Hands Sponsored By Cinnabon 0:01
A232 Teuthis Galore 1153 0:01
A233 Obelisk Discussion Party 1971 and Beyond 0:01
A234 Alt-0173* Disco At The Panic 0:01
A235 FISH FISH 0:01
A236 Ernest Hemingay Diddledeee I HAve To Pee 0:01
A237 Eisenhow, Eisenhower, Eisenhowest Al Gore Hanging Out At The Gay Bar 0:01
A238 On Top Of A Bowling Alley On All Levels Except Physical, I Am A Wolfe 0:01
A239 Yum And The Yum Yums Dark Porp 0:01
A240 Alt-0317* Alt-3710 0:01
A241 Amanda's Mom Used To Be A Drug Therapist ssssssssssss 0:01
A242 The TV Will Be My Night Light Knock Knock 0:01
A243 Slovenian T-V Distinction Poon 0:01
A244 Remove These Edges First Ays 0:01
A245 Five Dudes Who Are Out To Their Families As Gay, As Well As Mitchell, Who Is Still In The Closet Getting Drunk At The Quarterly Shareholders' Meeting 0:01
A246 The Meme Connection Some Memes In The Hood Tho 0:01
A247 Garlic Knots Shoe Police 0:01
A248 Garlic Knots Here Put This After Shoe Police (And Don't Rename It Either I Want This To Be The Title) 0:01
A249 Ejaculating On A Copy Of Animal Farm Nothing Will Ever Be The Same 0:01
A250 Driving All The Way To Atlanta For A Blowjob This Song Has Overthrown Seven Latin American Governments To Date 0:01
A251 Durty Beatz Sec Seebakk 0:01
A252 Scientists Who Fabricate Data Toesty 0:01
A253 Nordon Nor Bee Aided Evenly 0:01
A254 Arthur Chevalier v. Town of Sanford (475 A. 2d 1148) Keep In The Mom Is In My Car Parked Next Week 0:01
A255 Slow Motion Apocalypse The Sound Of Racism And Bigotry 0:01
A256 Th3 5cr34m5 0f Dy1ng Gyp5y C4t5 Gypsy Cats Being Run Over By A Train 0:01
A257 Crude Drawing Of A Lemur Who What 0:01
A258 "I Don't Love You"--Grandma The Tempur-Pedic Swedish Sleep System 0:01
A259 Dr. Awemsoeme Mother Meese 0:01
A260 More Like Mari-Do-Not-Juana better_ 0:01
A261 Alt-0371* Dank Memer In The Building 0:01
A262 I Briefly Dated Rod Stewart Before He Was Famous Wait Until You See Gemini 0:01
A263 Homeless People I Was Gonna Think Of An UP Pun But Then I Got To Thinkin Bout How Sad That Movie Is 0:01
A264 We Rode The Demonator Jet Fuel 0:01
A265 A Friend Of Beck Beck Made This For Me Thanks Beck 0:01
A266 Roy G. Biv, Light Scientist And LGBT Activist Hummus 0:01
A267 Federal Information Processing Standards Compliance Yugoslavia 0:01
A268 4 Out Of 5 Dentists Are Actually Me And So Is The Fifth One Because I'm A Solipsist Macklemore Tells of His Pasttimes 0:01
A269 Spot Pots Stop Tops, Post Opts What About This 0:01
A270 Pre-lit Christmas The Secret Formula 0:01
A271 Sons Of The Damned Ilikena Lasarusa Talebulamaineiilikenamainavaleniveivakabulaimainakulalakebalau 0:01
A272 Sons Of The Damned Dump 0:01
A273 Sons Of The Damned Super Smashed Potatoes 0:01
A274 Sons Of The Damned Buzzfeed Presents 0:01
A275 Sons Of The Damned Shrek's Swamp Stories 0:01
A276 Sons Of The Damned nmaD 0:01
A277 ff Scream Mask 0:01
A278 Squid Rapes Mouse Who Is Tinheat 0:01
A279 2400% Inflation In 18th Century Rhode Island I Was Only Alone For A Second 0:01
A280 Shrink Reduction Rangabang 0:01
A281 Smart At Art That's Just How It Is 0:01
A282 Laughing At The Disabled New In Town 0:01
A283 Infant Rape Infant Rape 0:01
A284 Band Name With Thirty Six Characters Politics 0:01
A285 Coding In CSS Sexuality 0:01
A286 I Like To Stub My Toe Brass Knuckle Dildo 0:01
A287 Horticulture Deathwish It's Not Chris Rock It's Chris Mineral Jesus Christ Marie 0:01
A288 James Cat-ison And John Kitty Adams when ur allergies act up so u sneeze a lot 0:01
A289 Gnâwstrnøm oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 0:01
A290 Honeydew Honeydew 0:01
A291 Sonderinteressen On The Fritz Glass Is More Glassy And Wood Is More Woody 0:01
A292 [pigeon sound] [chicken sounds] Klan and Jason Biggs as Larry 0:01
A294 Let Me Borrow Your Lunchbox e 0:01
A295 Whales And Beavera Duet 0:01
A296 Adam Lanza's Ant Bonanza The Best Banana Cream Pie On Earth 0:01
A297 Sanitize Me Captain Takhomasak 0:01
A298 Schneider Shunaidaru's Bakuri 0:01
A299 Toxic Seahorse Sewer Level 0:01
A300 Beetlejuice when u tappin it and she tell u to bust it raw 0:01
A302 Your Black Uncle Essays On The Decline Of Modern Thought 0:01
A303 Bananarama It's a C 0:01
A304 Dr. Rabbit Keep Your Teeth Fresh With FLUORIDE T00THp45+3 0:01
A305 DrunkOnCustard Fucking Pagans 0:01
A306 Frog Eggman 0:01
A307 Tom M.C. and Shrek ft. Skrill Get Out Of My Swamp (Uncensored) [LEAKED] 0:01
A308 Glitch Kult Caramckfuckedansen 0:01
A309 OrpheusFTW feat. Shaggy Pickles 0:01
A310 Senator Kardashian Picasso 0:01
A311 Sluggot Epoxy 0:01
A312 Tooker B And The Yeen Grunions Take Sqrt 0:01
A313 Unknown Artist ○◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙○ 0:01
A314 The Entire Mario Franchise The Son I Forgot 0:01
A315 A Car Made Of Literal Fruit Bamboozled 0:01
A316 BUTTSKANK* Creampaste 2012 0:01
A317 A Threat To National Security Nino Velli Gave My Friend His Mixtape For A Dollar In Chiraq So This Is A Shoutout To Him 0:01
A318 Confidence Interval Eric Lays Down The Facts 0:01
A319 Confidence Interval Same 0:01
A320 Complimenting Your Aunt Pina c999999 0:01
A321 Salsa Party Hammer Smash Face 0:01
A322 Indian Retard Cemetery Michael Jackson Day 0:01
A323 The Fantastic Elastic Spastic Da Du Dip Dip 0:01
A324 Bobby The Teenage Bobcat Hey Julian I Am Going To The Store Do You Need Anything Such As But Not Limited To A New Jacket No Shut Up Julian I Am Sick Of You 0:01
A325 The Live Bees Quality Ingredients 0:01
A326 NOTHING, motherfuckers. All you fuckers get SILENCE. Get the fuck out of the theater and GO HOME. Why are you watching a story about MY life anyway? Don't you have your own? Fuck off. 0:01
A327 Free Hugs He's Innocent State of the Union 2015 0:01
A328 Hugs Is Guilty Obama's Farewell Address 0:01
A329 About To Drag Shashashashasha 0:01
A330 (poolparty) Bratz 0:01
A331 The Fresh Veggies Whoa Shit Was That A Deer Please God Let That Be A Deer Holy Shit We Hit A Person Don We Hit A Person What Do We Do What If She Has Kids Holy Shit We're Murderers Don 0:01
A332 The Noble Spirit Of The Horse Serious Mats 0:01
A333 Illegal In The EU Derpy Derp Derp 0:01
A334 Economic Calculation And The Problems Who Do You Think You Are I Am 0:01
A335 Lumberdial Vrv Crn 0:01
A336 2Fast2Furious2Pac Viewer Discretion is Advised 0:01
A337 The White Room Gluten Free 0:01
A338 The White Room Vegan 0:01
A339 One Billion Nanograms My Impression of Borat 0:01
A340 WAKE Gone With The Windex 0:01
A341 Mu's Ambassador Welcome 0:01
A342 Antique Baseball Cap Plus One 0:01
A343 Smesh Meth Shrek - IMDb 0:01
A344 Smesh Meth Steve Harwell On Communism 0:01
A345 Please Subscribe To My Channel Indonesia Doesn't Even Feel Like A Real Country To Me 0:01
A346 The Wrong Cables He Doesn't Know You're A Guy 0:01
A347 Big T Big T 0:01
A348 John Fortnight Lineolium Flooring At Half The Price 0:01
A349 The Bureaucratic Nightmare Suzanne Had A Little Lam 0:01
A350 Pigscale Papa 0:01
A351 Momentum Brigade Peace Of The Mind 0:01
A352 Horticulture Deathwish For Those About To Rock (We Suggest You Mineral Instead) 0:01
A353 Bryan Cranston Crayon Box Meyaop 0:01
A354 Spoiler Alert Franklin Dies I Remember All These People 0:01
A355 DJ White Boy 95 Swiggity Swoogity 0:01
A356 Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happy Feet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 0:01
A357 A Skeleton But Spanish A Belt Above Black 0:01
A358 Squid Rapes Mouse These Waveforms Look Like Alien Language 0:01
A359 WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE Aunt Vivian 0:01
A360 Manberry Punch My Wifi Won't Work 0:01
A361 Wash Your Hands (Mom Says So) Petite 0:01
A362 Ncklbck 1 Second Photograph 0:01
A363 Sex Up Fluoride Prologue 0:01
A364 Sex Up Fluoride Epilogue 0:01
A365 Shitty Franz Ferdinand John Stamos Sex Dreams 0:01
A366 Going To Bed Whenever I Want Anatomy 0:01
A367 Angellis Taliuu Take A Breath 0:01
A368 Orange Juice Simpson Internet Relic 0:01
A369 Unknown Artist Untitled 0:01
A370 Alt-7301* The Day Is 23 May 2015 And For Reasons Unknown To This Creator, The One Second Album Has Yet To Be Published 0:01
A371 Hey Fuck You And Your Vaporwave Shit Xł12##£ 0:01
A372 The Super Titanic But First 0:01
A373 The Big Band Moth Man All These Moths 0:01
A374 CHC08RM Untitled 0:01
A375 Mexican Drug Lord Union The Pasta Bible 0:01
A376 Meme-in' Narcus Breaking Windows On Weekends 0:01
A377 Fureon Nectarmoon Mysterious Secret Guest X 0:01
A378 Fecal Attraction Eurgh 0:01
A379 The Almighty Dorf Dorf 0:01
A380 Christian Slayer Three Days On A Mountain (It Will Change You) 0:01
A381 Moist Girth On This Episode Of How It's Made 0:01
A382 Heinz Make Jam? The Present Of The Untied State Of A Merga The Rock O Bomb A 0:01
A383 Free Hugs He's Innocent Breathing In The Chemicals 0:01
A384 Hugs Is Guilty Breathing Out The Chemicals 0:01
A385 AFK AFAIK Candy Cunt Saga 0:01
A386 Flags Ablaze Crip 0:01
A387 I Sit On A Throne Of Human Bones And Beanie Babies Look At This 0:01
A388 Shoe On Head (Hat On Foot) Foam Finger 0:01
A389 Normal Operating Hours Kolibabovce 0:01
A390 Snoop LaserSnake I Was Young And Needed The Money 0:01
A391 Lemon PJs wuuuuut 0:01
A392 Designated Driver Immigrant Song (Cover) 0:01
A393 Parks N Rekt Nobody Knows What This Song Means 0:01
A394 Michigan City, Indiana Horton Antivirus 0:01
A395 Wide Awake Never Touched Drugs A Day In My Life 0:01
A396 I Have So Many Earths Right Now Don't Ever Travel With Flowers Because It's Bad Luck 0:01
A397 The Footbones I Love My Mather 0:01
A398 Nudson Spanks All I Do Is Wewewe 0:01
A399 Nudson Spanks Airline Meal 0:01
A400 Nudson Spanks According To Flonase, 6 Is Greater Than 1 0:01
A401 Keytee-chan KT-1 0:01
A402 There She Is The Girl That Left Me Bitter 3495758958970478409834 0:01
A403 Shakespeare's Unpublished Powerpuff Girls Femslash Fanfiction Drink The Ashes 0:01
A404 Fun Fact Algae Actually Produces Most Of The World's Oxygen 0:01
A405 I Love Your Brain It's Canada Not Can'tada 0:01
A406 Anal Bagel I Have A Large 0:01
A407 So You're Worried Your Dog Might Be Gay, The Musical Dora The 0:01
A408 Delicious Pip Pip 0:01
A409 Six Days Of Content Hey Look It Loops 0:01
A410 Alt-3107* To Anyone Who Dislikes How Short These Songs Are 0:01
A411 K. Fenrir A Last Sigh 0:01
A412 The Beverly Hill Boners Big City Dwight 0:01
A413 Whoa Man Hey Man Whoa ) 0:01
A414 Seventeen Seconds Of Winter Ride The Wave On Your Waterboard 0:01
A415 MNFZ Beautiful Song For Beautiful People 0:01
A416 Welcome To Compuserve Jinkies Remix 0:01
A417 Squid Rapes Mouse No More 0:01
A418 Various Every Previous Song Played At The Same Time 0:01
A419 Porky Pig Gran Finale 0:01
B1 Alt-7031* This Ain't The Sharpest Song In The Shed 3:24


Edition of 25 copies.

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